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Since as long as I could remember, I suffered with asthma. Sometimes I could not sleep at night because I  was not able to breath. I used to wake up gasping for air, as if something was binding my chest and cutting my air supply. For 28 years I had to take inhalers just to help me to breath regular. I could not go anywhere without my inhalers. I always had it in my purse. It was part of me. One day, during a small group gathering. I mentioned my dilemma to Pastor Ed Citronnelli. He told me that God was able to set me free. He said that, many times chronic asthma is rooted and controlled by evil spirits. He laid hands on me and began to call out the spirit of asthma, infirmity, shortness of breath and other spirits in the name of Jesus Christ. I began to gag and cough. It felt as if my chest would come off my body. I started to cough up things that I did not know I had in me. After a few minutes, I felt my lungs were free and my chest was clear. I could breath like I had not been able to for a long time. I was healed. Jesus had set me free from this problem. After a long 28 years, I was a new person. I was able to smile, breath and walk without getting into a panic. Hallelujah, I’m free, I’m free. Thank you Jesus!

Lisandra – New York, USA


My 8 months old son was suffering with a rare disease that was affecting his breathing and his blood system. He was born fine, but after a few weeks, he began to get extremely sick. He stopped eating and began to lose weight, so I took him to different doctors to see what was wrong. One by one, they examined him, gave him medicine and left him in the hospital for many weeks. I was desperate, not knowing what to do. I cried and cried. I could see death upon him. Out of my desperation, I prayed day and night. My church family and my natural family were praying for my little boy also. As prayer was being rendered, he got worst. Diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and other things were coming upon him. After about three months in the hospital, the doctor told me that there was nothing more that they could do for my son. The doctor told me to take him home to die. I began to weep uncontrollably; I raised my voice to God.

A few days later, someone told me that in my town, an Evangelist from the U.S.A. by the name of Ed Citronnelli was coming, who God was using to do miracles and healings all over the world. They said that he was going to be in our city of Guayaquil for only a couple of days. The first night of the meeting, I took my sick baby to the meeting. The place was packed all around. I could hardly get in, but I found myself being able to go to the front. During the whole service I was crying, even from the moment I entered the place. As the preacher from the U.S. preached on the power of Jesus to heal, my hope and faith came alive for my baby. After he finished preaching, he called for the sick to come up to receive prayer. I was standing in front of the platform with my son. An usher that knew me took the baby from my arms and took him to the platform. As she walked up to where the Evangelist was, I saw that my baby’s arm dropped and were hanging down. I knew that something was wrong. He had stopped breathing. I began to weep uncontrollably. He died in her arms. “My baby, my baby” I said while crying.

Evangelist Ed Citronnelli looked in amazement. After a few seconds, he took the baby from the arms of the usher, laid his right hand on my baby’s chest and blew upon his little face as he was praying. All of a sudden, I heard the most wonderful sound coming from my dead baby. He let out a sharp cry, I saw that he opened his eyes and began to breath again. He was alive. My baby came back to life. The crowd was cheering and praising God like thunder. I could not help myself, my legs became week, and I passed out. After a few minutes on the floor, I came back to myself. I was overjoyed. My baby who had died came back to life. God gave him back to me. Praise His holy name. Today, my baby is 5 years old, attending children school and playing with the other children in my neighborhood like a normal child. His health has never been better.

Thank you Jesus, to you be the glory for ever and ever.

Maria – Guayaquil, Ecuador

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